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Laser vein treatments 

Milford Vascular Institute specializes in the treatment of varicose veins using laser vein procedures.

In this procedure, laser energy is used to close the vein.  In the office, the leg is cleansed and prepped with Betadine solution.  Lidocaine is used as a local anesthetic. The abnormal vein is identified with ultrasound and punctured with a small needle.  The laser catheter is inserted into the vein and advanced under ultrasound guidance to the abnormal valve. The vein is anesthetized with a lidocaine and saline solution.  The laser is activated and cauterizes the vein from the valve to the mid-thigh or knee. The catheter is then removed and a compression stocking is placed for 10-14 days to allow the vein to completely close.  Follow-up ultrasound confirms successful closure. In time, the body will absorb the vein and it will appear on ultrasound as if the vein has been removed.

EVLT Diagram.jpg

Immediately following procedure:

  • You may experience tingling/ pulling where the vein was closed down

  • You may also see some bruising

  • Elevate the leg when in a seated position

  • Walk around every few hours

One to two weeks following procedure​:

  • Immediately following you can resume low impact physical activities at the gym

  • You can fly/ take long drives (make sure to wear stockings and hydrate)

What to do if you experience the above side-effects?

  • Compression stockings

  • Warm compresses on the area

  • Vasculera, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve

  • Tylenol if you cannot take NSAIDs

Pain and discomfort are normal after a procedure, if there are any questions or concerns following the procedure please call the office.

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